Beautiful Girl Taekwondo Champion Kubra Dagli

about Turkey Taekwondo Federation

Turkey Taekwondo Federation (Turkish: Türkiye Taekwondo Federasyonu) is the governing body of Taekwondo sport in Turkey.

Originally, it was formed in 1968 within the Turkey Judo Federation, where it maintained its activities thirteen years long. In 1981, it was disconnected from the Judo Federation and became a separate organization under the governmental Directorate General of Youth and Sports (Gençlik ve Spor Genel Müdürlüğü, GSGM). The headquarters is located in Ulus quarter of Ankara. It is a member of the European Taekwondo Union (ETU).

It organizes tournaments and championships for all age groups of both genders at national level. In addition, support services like the education of referees and coaches are within its duties. Participations of Turkish Taekwondo sportspeople at all international competition events are organized by the federation.

Taekwondo sport began in Turkey in the 1960s, and its official organizational formation took place in 1968 within the national Judo federation. In 1976, Turkey participated at the European championships, where the Turkish team came in second.

Following the establishment of the self-contained federation in 1981, international success came for the women as well. In 1982, a Turkish woman became for the first time European champion and in 1987 a world champion. In 1988 and 1990, Turkish team became twice European champion. In 1995, the Turkish team placed in third rank at the World Championships. At the 1998 European Championships, Turkey national team became champion.