BIG TOE TENDONIS: causes and wraps


Tendinitis of the flexor hallucis longus and characterized by pain, especially while driving and flexion of the. I am most impressed with those who practice sports such as jumpers, dancers must stand on tiptoe and athletes of martial arts.

In the case of OS trigonum talus equinus excessive pressure causes soft tissue and capsular ligaments of the back of the tarsus between the calcaneus and tibia, resulting in a posterior ankle pain as well asinflammation of the extensor hallucis longus.

Functional bandage

  • The aim is to avoid the tendency to valgus without blocking the finger, allowing ì flexionextension; is realized in the TAPE 3.8 cm. applied directly to the skin after it has been prepared in the usual way
  • We begin by setting below the external malleolus a patch of 3.8 cm. that rotate around the heel, is taken along the medial side of the foot and cut 5 cm. over the length of the big toe
  • It is fixed now the patch toe with a strip of tape 2.5 cm. arranged circularly
  • Then turn upside down the piece of specially TAPE left longer on top of the big toe, glue on the surface remained free TAPE day a second piece that will be used as a bridle to be put in tension to achieve the desired correction

This tape, once you get the desired correction is then reported along the medial aspect of the foot to the heel, ending on the same side, right where we started, the bandage is finally finished off with a certain number of seats belts as shown in so as to avoid curling inside the shoe. Is commonly used by athletes who, due to the deviation of 1 ° valgus finger, have irritation due to rubbing at the base of the shoe.  In these cases, a simple bandage can allow the resumption of the workout without any pain.