Strongman VS Bodybuilder

marzo 31, 2016

Strongman Tetzel gets challenged by Bodybuilder Tim Budesheim. If Tetzel loses, he will give up competing in Strength Wars – will this be his last battle? about MR. OLYMPIA Mr. Olympia is the title awarded to the winner of the professional men’s bodybuilding contest at Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend – an internationalbodybuilding competition that is held annually by the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB). Joe Weider…


Bodybuilder (250lbs) VS Martial Arts Black Belt (150lbs)

250lb Body Builder VS 150lb Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
febbraio 9, 2016

A real and Brutal Match between a Professional Bodybuilder and a Jujutsu Black Belt Athlete. about Natural bodybuilding Due to the growing concerns of the high cost, health consequences and illegal nature of steroids many organizations have formed in response and have deemed themselves “natural” bodybuilding competitions. In addition to the concerns noted, many promoters of bodybuilding have sought to shed the “freakish” reputation that the general public perceives of…


Bodybuilder VS Sumo (+800lbs) – Real Fight

sumo vs bodybuilder
dicembre 3, 2015

this is a Real Fight between a Strongman Bodybuilder and a SUMO Champion, in a regular Sumo Match more about SUMO Sumo is a competitive full-contact wrestling sport where a rikishi (wrestler) attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring (dohyō) or into touching the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet. The characters 相撲 literally mean “striking one another”. The sport originated in Japan, the…