How to do a Dropkick -TUTORIAL

maggio 27, 2016

We explain the classic pro wrestling dropkick. Do not attempt this move unless you are in a real pro wrestling ring, and have been trained by a professional. Otherwise, you could easily be injured. This video is meant for reference only, and is not intended to replace real pro wrestling training. about DROPKICK A dropkick is an attacking maneuver in professional wrestling. It is defined as an attack where the…


Vladimir PUTIN shows off martial arts skills in a Russia Tournament

putin martial arts
gennaio 6, 2016

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has taken another step to boost his charisma by holding a wrestling session with members of Russia’s national teams. The training took place on Wednesday in a brand new sports hall in St-Petersburg, with journalists and photographers watching on. Putin holds a black belt in Judo. However, he did not just limit himself to the Japanese martial art. He showed off his skills from its Russian…