Choke from the Front – Krav Maga

This defense is performed from a passive stance. It’s an absolute worst case scenario where the attack has been unexpected or you didn’t see it coming for any other reason. The attacker has his hands around your neck and he’s pressing with his thumbs on your windpipe. The defense starts with the release or the pluck and has a simultaneous counter attack.

– Cup the hands and place them in the middle between the arms of the attacker. The closer your hands are to your own body, the more leverage you have in releasing the choke.

– Use your back muscles to move your hands out. This needs to be as explosive as possible. The most common mistake is to grab the wrists of the opponent and start pulling down. This will not release the choke in a real situation.

– Because the attacker needs to be stable to apply the choke, his feet are most likely apart from each other leaving the groin exposed to attacks. While making the pluck, kick the attacker in the groin. If you’ve kicked hard enough, this will most likely be enough to eliminate your attacker as a threat

– Keep control over the right hand until you’ve made the second counter attack.

– You can choose to make more counter attacks while you circle your attacker.

– When the threat is eliminated, scan your surroundings to look for other possible threats. If it’s clear, run home.