How to do a 540 Kick (Bolley Kick) – EASY TUTORIAL

In martial arts and tricking, the 540 kick (Chinese:旋風腳 (Xuanfengjiao)) (also known as inside turning kick, jump inside kick, andtornado kick) is a jump kick move. It involves a rotation of approximately 540 degrees (although when performed correctly the performer has only done a spin of 360 degrees – not including whatever takeoff used).

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It is practiced various disciplines including Taekwondo, Tangsoodo, Wushu kung fu, Shaolinquan, Capoeira and some Karate styles but traditionally most associated with the Korean martial arts.

However, the most prominent defining feature is that the same leg is used for taking off, kicking, and landing. The other leg mainly helps get the performer into the air, and then the leg is pulled back before the landing. Many martial arts tricksters choose this move as their first move to attempt.

The ‘540’ has a history in ballet too, where it is performed as an advanced variation of a ‘barrel roll’. Principal male ballet dancers include the move in their variation (solo) as a crowd-pleasing feat of excellence. The move and a variation of it, the reverse 540, has been present in ballet for quite some time now, and is used commonly by dancers such as Daniil Simkin, Tetsuya Kumakawa and Joseph Phillips.

This move has been recently introduced into the world of professional wrestling, where it is commonly referred to as a “jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick”.

540 Roundhouse (Bolley Kick)

This version is rotates the hips about 90° more than a crescent before executing the kick. The kick is executed as a roundhouse kick, meaning the foot is flat and the toes are pointing straight forward. If aiming for a target, the target would be hit with the top of the ankle to avoid breaking the toes.

It is also called a Bolley Kick by some in TaeKwonDo, and was popularized in the mid-eighties by George Chung and Steven Ho in open martial art competitions. In TaeKwonDo a generic “540” kick usually refers to the 540 roundhouse.