KNEE PAIN – Reasons , prevention and treatment

Knee Pain


  • MORNING OR EVENING? If the pain appears in the morning and disappears in the course of the day there may be a slight cartilage degeneration. If the pain is accentuated with the passage of time we are probably in the presence of tendinous pathologies.
  • WHEN WE REMAIN SEATED LONG, FOR EXAMPLE AT THE CINEMA: prolonged flexion of the knee increases the pain in the presence of patellofemoral pain syndrome (inflammation of the patellar tendon at its insertion point in the tibia).
  • WHEN WE KNEEL, OR AFTER A TRAUMA TO FRONT OF THE KNEE: a swelling appears especially important if it could be bursitis knee
  • ONLY WHEN WE DO EXERCISE OR CERTAIN MOVEMENTS: if young patient with no recent trauma, probably it is a “mere” tendinitis
  • SUDDENLY DURING A YEAR OR A SUDDEN MOVEMENT: it could be a meniscal tear, if the person is elderly may also occur for trivial efforts (rise up from a squatting position)
  • WHEN WE ARE IN FEET LONG, WALK, DO THE SCALE: especially if the person has passed the age of 50 and there is a certain joint deformity pain is almost certainly due to osteoarthritis
  • IMMEDIATELY AFTER TRAUMA: possible involvement of one or more meniscal and ligament


What is physical activity?


  • Promotes reduction in body weight
  • It keeps the muscles efficient
  • Improves balance and flexibility

CAUTION: Physical activity can also be harmful, especially when you overdo it or switch abruptly from sedentary to strenuous exercise. To prevent your knee you pay the consequences, first ask an opinion from your doctor, then assessed the ability to make follow from a qualified personal trainer, at least during the first sessions.