Knockout of the year 2012 in MMA with Back Hook Head Kick

Tutorial for SPinning Hook Kick

1) Make sure you can properly do a Hook Kick in the first place. If you don’t and just want to get straight to the Spinning Hook Kick, then read on for it will also contain how to do a Hook Kick, intertwined with the spinning aspects of this effective and efficient move.

2) Get in the fighting stance. For this kick, I found, it’s better if your knees are bent a little more and if your legs are wider apart because that way you will be able to kick a lot higher. How much you lean back on your non-kicking leg also has influence on how high your kick will be.

3) Fists clenched tight and strong, legs digging deep into the ground stable, get ready to turn. If you’re gonna kick with your right leg, step in with your left leg. If you’re gonna kick with your left leg, step in with your right leg. If you kick with your right leg, your right leg should be out in front of you and your back or left leg trailing behind which you will bring around in front which will start the spinning aspect of the hook kick. And vice-versa with the other leg.

4) To spin more quickly and confidently, therefore having more momentum and power in your kick, begin to swing your arms around with the stepping of your non-kicking leg in front of you.

5) Now, you’ve spun about 180 degrees and are looking over your kicking leg’s shoulder. Some people who perform this kick make the mistake of not looking over their shoulder confidently and therefore not looking into their opponent’s eyes confidently and instead looking at the ground. Don’t do this! This not only makes you look stupid and timid and uncertain, it also dampens your target and aim of knockout: the opponents head. Also, there is a higher risk of falling flat on your face.

6) Now back to the Spinning Hook Kick. So, you’re turned about 180 degrees and you are looking over your shoulder, your fists clenched tightly up to your chest. From here, lift up your kicking leg and do a Hook Kick like how we went over in step 6. Since you’re spinning you will have more momentum in your hook kick and may even flip your opponent over if you kick him/her in the head hard enough, with a grand sweep, almost shoving.

7) From here you can finish your opponent off with a roundhouse kick to your opponents gut-better your opponents head again. When you bring both legs back down it’ll be like Step 2 again and you can get ready for another spinning hook kick but by now, s/he will surely be on the ground, wanting absolutely no more of you.