Kosovo National Taekwondo Team in Action

Taekwondo Training of KOSOVO Taekwondo National Team (HD VIDEO).


Sport in Kosovo has a long tradition and plays a prominent role in the society. Popular sports in Kosovo are among others football, basketball, volleyball, handball, and wrestling. Whereas, major individual sports include wrestling, judo, swimming, boxing, karate and skiing.

Whereas, individual sports are the ones who brought Kosovo’s biggest successes. The outstanding wrestlers and boxers such as Aziz Salihu, Mehmet Bogujevci, Sami Buzolli, Majlinda Kelmendi and Nora Gjakova have brought medals from major international competitions. Some of the federations that are part of theinternational associations are Kosovo Taekwondo Federation, Boxing Federation, Handball Federation, Judo Federation, and Kosovo Ski Federation. Nevertheless, athletes who were born and raised in European countries, had the opportunity to be successful in the international area. The boxer Luan Krasniqi, who appeared under the German flag, has achieved many success among others by winning the European Championship title.


Judo is a martial sport that brought Kosovo its first gold medal. The organization of games between the clubs is controlled by the Judo Federation of Kosovo. The Kosovo Judo Federation was accepted in 2012 as a full member of the International Judo Federation. Presently, there are 12 clubs active from different cites of Kosovo. The number of participants from all the clubs is 750 Males and 250 Females. Whereas the number of active coaches is 25.

The most successful one is Driton Kuka who was a champion for many years. He won the bronze medal at the European Championship in 1990, and the World Cup in Hungary in 1991. Nowadays, Driton Kuka is the coach of the Majlinda Kelmendi, a judoka from Pejë the represents Kosovo in all competition in Judo.

Majlinda Kelmendi who won the gold medal at the 2009 World Junior Championships in Paris, France. She finished the fifth in the 2010 World Junior Championships in Morocco, and ninth in the 52 category at the 2010 World Judo Championships in Tokyo, Japan.

However, she was not allowed to represent Kosovo at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London due to the resistance of International Olympic Committee and the United Nations. Majlinda Kelmendi gave Kosovo the first judo world title on 27 August 2013, as she beat Erika Miranda, a Brazilian judoka in the 52 kilograms gold medal match in Rio de Janeiro. In 2013, she was ranked first in the international rankings by the International Judo Federation in the 52 kg category.

Nora Gjakova won first medal for Kosovo at the European Games, when she earned bronze in 57 kg category.