Magic Taekwondo KNOCKOUTs (Andrea Lima)

Master Andre Lima and other fighters competing in Olympic Taekwondo (WTF).

about Master ANDREA LIMA

Grandmaster Andre Lima is the “founder” of Lima Academy. He’s officially certified by the World Tae kwon do Federation (WTF) as a 7th Degree Black Belt and one of few worldwide to obtain the internationally recognized diploma of the Kukkiwon. He began studying Taekwondo in his hometown of Brasilia, Brazil, almost 40 years ago when his father signed him up for lessons as a present for his birthday.

Young Andre began studying and competing under the guidance of Masters Soo Myung Choi and Carlos Eduardo Loddo. Eventually Master Loddo, became his mentor.

At 17, his family moved to the Oceanside resort city of Fortaleza, in the north of Brazil. Because there were not Taekwondo schools in the city, he decided to start the first Lima Taekwondo Academy in middle 80s. Today he is recognized by the Brazilian Federation as a pioneer of this art in the north of the country.

Currently, there are several Taekwondo schools in and around Fortaleza and some of those schools are actually owned by his former students, including former Brazilian national champions. During his time in Fortaleza, he attended medical school for a year before deciding that he’d rather focus on a career as a martial artist.

At 22 he left Brazil, moved to Europe and started to fight in the International Tournament circuit. He competed all over Europe winning numerous medals and expanding his experience and knowledge. During those years he began to be featured in a variety of internationally renowned Martial Arts magazines from: England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy.

In most of his two years stay in Europe he lived in France, where he worked for French Grandmaster Edouard Branco, teaching Taekwondo in his two schools in Paris. Besides Martial Arts he devoted some of his time in France studding and enhancing his skills of speaking four languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.