Mike Tyson VS Donnie Yen – IP MAN 3

Ip Man 3 is a 2015 Hong Kong biographical martial arts film directed by Wilson Yip, produced by Raymond Wong and written by Edmond Wong.

about IP MAN 3

It is the third in the Ip Man film series based on the life of the Wing Chun grandmaster Yip Man and features Donnie Yen reprising the title role. The film also stars Mike Tyson, and Yip Man’s pupil Bruce Lee is portrayed by Danny Chan. Principal photography commenced in March 2015.

The premiere of the film was released in Hong Kong on 16 December 2015, and officially released in Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom on 24 December 2015. It will later be released in the United States on 22 January 2016.

The film is set in 1959, when Ip Man is seen settling into his low-profile life in Hong Kong after decades of his struggle against feuding rivals and then Japanese oppressors during World War II.


  • Donnie Yen as Ip Man (葉問)
  • Zhang Jin as Cheung Tin-chi (張天志)
  • Lynn Hung as Cheung Wing-sing (張永成)
  • Patrick Tam as Ma King-sang (馬鯨笙)
  • Karena Ng as Miss Wong (黃老師)
  • Kent Cheng as Fatso (肥波)
  • Bryan Leung as Tin Ngo-san (田傲山)
  • Louis Cheung as Tsui Lik (徐力)
  • Danny Chan as Bruce Lee (李小龍)
  • Mike Tyson as Frank


Donnie Yen initially expressed no interest in appearing in a third film, feeling that, “Because Ip Man 2 will incontrovertibly become a classic, bettering the first. I believe it’s best to end something when it’s at perfection, and leave behind a good memory.”

Yen later stated that after Ip Man 2, he would no longer be involved in a film based on Yip Man’s life due to the over-saturation of subject matter with many different film companies starting to produce Yip Man-related films due to the success of Yen’s Ip Man films.

While both Yen and Raymond Wong were not initially keen on making a third Ip Man film, director Wilson Yip had expressed interest in making one that would focus on the relationship between Yip Man and Bruce Lee. While Ip Man 2 very briefly shows Lee as a child, Wilson Yip hoped to find a suitable actor to portray Lee as an adult for the third instalment.

In March 2014, Varietyannounced that Ip Man 3 would be shot in early 2015, and would be released in 3D during Chinese New Year that year, with Wilson Yip, Yen, and Wong reprising their duties.


In March 2015, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Mike Tyson would also be starring as a street fighter and a property developer. They also noted that because the team could not find an actor who could portray Bruce Lee’s intensity onscreen, they decided to use CGI to portray Lee.

In the same month, Kris Storti, the COO of Bruce Lee Enterprises (BLE), said that BLE, which is the sole owner of all worldwide rights relating to Lee, including his name, image and likeness, was “justifiably shocked” over Pegasus Motion Pictures’ decision to include Lee in their film, which Storti said was “completely unauthorized” by BLE. “To state it in no uncertain terms, BLE intends to seek all remedies available to it to stop Pegasus from including the computer-generated version of Bruce Lee in Ip Man 3,” he added.

However, Pegasus asserted that Bruce Lee’s brother Robert Lee, who worked as a consultant on Ip Man 3, owns the intellectual property rights of Lee, a claim which was denied by BLE. The lawsuit was eventually settled, with Bruce Lee appearing in the film, portrayed by Danny Chan Kwok-kwan, who had previously portrayed Lee in the 2008 TV series, The Legend of Bruce Lee.

Yen stated that Ip Man 3 could be his final martial arts film. Yen agreed to return to the role of Ip Man after careful consideration, after some time have passed since the release of various Ip Man films by other film companies, and because of fans’ anticipation. Yen stated that this will be the final Ip Man film in the trilogy. During Ip Man 3′s announcement press conference, Yen stated that at age 51, this might be his last kung fu film.

Lynn Hung, Simon Yam, and Louis Fan reprised their roles from the first two films. In November 2015, it was revealed on the website of veteran composer Kenji Kawai (who scored the movie series’ first two films) that he has returned to work on the soundtrack of the movie series’ final instalment.