MMA Girl Sparring inside the Ring (360 VIDEO)

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Watch Paige VanZant spar in 360º as she trains for the biggest fight of her career.

about Paige Michelle VanZant

Paige Michelle VanZant (born March 26, 1994) is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Women’s Strawweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). A professional competitor since 2012, VanZant was a fighter in Invicta FC before moving over to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. She is currently ranked No. 8 in the UFC Strawweight division.

VanZant grew up in Dayton, Oregon. Her parents owned a dance studio, and she was brought up dancing ballet, jazz, and hip hopfor over 13 years. As a child, she appeared in a mop commercial for Bissell. VanZant was considered a tomboy while growing up, and loved the outdoors.

Her hobbies included riding dirtbikes, fishing, and hunting. In high school, VanZant was regularly bullied by a group of girls. She has noted this experience as one of the reasons she likes being a martial artist and having the ability to defend herself.

She has modeled for Nike and Columbia Sportswear. Her father nicknamed her “12 gauge” because of VanZant’s love of shooting and hunting.

VanZant typically attacks with aggressive grappling, then seeks to finish the fight with strikes. Her style includes ground-and-pound, dirty boxing, and a wide variety of clinch striking. While standing, she will often move the fight toward the fence and utilize knees, elbows, forearms, punches, and throws.

She is noted for the constant pressure she applies while grappling. If an opponent escapes her clinch, she will usually look to close the distance again within moments. At UFC Fight Night 57, Kailin Curran struggled to establish range against VanZant.

During their three-round bout, Felice Herrig was repeatedly held down by VanZant’s grappling. The first fighter to defeat VanZant, Tecia Torres, largely avoided her clinch while attacking with strikes near the center of the cage.

While fighting from a distance, she typically attacks with high kicks and punches. In addition to her striking, VanZant has a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.