Nerio Chagi Anatomy – TAEKWONDO TUTORIAL

In Japanese, kakato-geri; in Korean, doki bal chagi or naeryeo chagi or “chikka chagi”.

How To Do An Axe Kick

  • Raise your rear leg vertically as high as you can and then bring your leg down against the target. You can also use your lead leg in order to do a front leg axe kick.
  • Try to strike the target with the heel of your foot. The hard bone of the heel is more effective than striking with the sole or ball of your foot.
  • In self-defense, this kick can be used against targets such as the face or shoulder bone of an attacker.
  • This kick should only be used in certain situations because you are leaving your groin exposed for a counter attack.
  • In order to maximize the effectiveness of this kicking technique, you need to work on your flexibility because it is easy to pull a hamstring with an over-extended axe kick.


Axe Kick Variations

  • Front Leg Axe Kick – This kick uses your front leg (versus the rear leg with a traditional axe kick).
  • Jumping Axe Kick
  • Jumping Spinning Axe Kick or Tornado Axe Kick
  • Skipping Axe Kick