Davide Morini is a Italian mixed martial arts fighter, martial artist, kickboxer Italian, submission fighting.

about MORINI

He began practicing martial arts with the Shotokan Karate at the age of 12 years and were close to Yoseikan budo in the Milan school of Master William Nicholas. It was World Champion Semi Contact Point Fighting and Yoseikan budo. He fights for the TEAM KRATOS PAMMACHIA. His school and his current style, which he developed, is a fusion of of Yoseikan Budo and Pancrazio Pammachia.

In 1998 he opened his first school of fighting in Milan. Now he lives, he trains and teaches in Trentino, in Rovereto. In 2009 he made his debut fighting in mixed martial arts (MMA) in the welterweight category. After a break of two years, in June 2014 announcing his return on the professional circuit of mixed martial arts.

Last MMA Results

Results Record opponent Method Events Data Round time City Notes
DRAW 2-0-2 Alex Celotto DRAW Milano in the Cage 2 21/04/2012 2 5:00  Sesto San Giovanni, Italia
DRAW 1-0-1 Jason Slattery DRAW Resa dei conti XII 29/11/2010 3 5:00  Livorno, Italy Italia vs Stati Uniti
WIN 3-0-2 Ismael Foscarini Submission(kneebar) Resa dei conti XV 19/05/2012 1 0:53  Livorno, Italy
WIN 2-0-1 Promoz Vrbinc KO T Fast and furious 3 29/01/2011 1 2:20  Milano, Italy Italia vs Slovenia
WIN 1-0 Michelangelo Toscani Submission (armbar) Resa dei conti XI 19/12/2009 1 4:09  Livorno, Italy