POLICE Officer Uses JIU-JITSU against a Thug (2016 LAS VEGAS)

A police officer without training is an accident waiting to happen! Here is an excellent example of how proper ground control defensive tactics training gives an officer the ability to control the suspect without having to resort to deadly force.

Plus, Ryron and Rener teach a critical transition from armbar to handcuffs that every jiu-jitsu trained police officer must know!

about Sport Jujutsu

There are many types of Sports Jujutsu. One version of Sports jujutsu is known as “JJIF Rules Sports Ju-Jitsu”, organized by Ju-Jitsu International Federation(JJIF), and has been recognized an official sport of the World Games.

Sport Jujutsu comes in three main variants: Duo (self-defense demonstration) where both the tori (attacker) and the uke (defender) come from the same team and demonstrate self-defense techniques. In this variant, we have a special system named ‘Random Attacks’: the tori and the uke are also from the same team but here they don’t know what the attack will be. The attack is given by the judges.

The second variant is the Fighting System (Freefighting) where competitors combine striking, grappling and submissions under rules which emphasise safety. Many of the potentially dangerous techniques such as scissor takedowns, necklocks and digital choking and locking are prohibited in Sport Jujutsu. There are a number of other styles of sport jujutsu with varying rules.

The third variant is the Japanese/Ne Waza (grappling) system where competitors start standing up and work for a submission. Striking is not allowed.