Taekwondo Poomsae Class at Kang’s Dojang

Taekwondo class at KANG’S TAEKWONDO NAMCHANG DOJANG, Taekwondo school owned by SHIN CHUL-KANG sabom.

about GM KANG

Grandmaster Kang is a WTF Taekwondo practitioner so my reaction to his form is somewhat mixed, particularly because while I recognise some iconic WTF-style pattern motions, this form is hardly typical of WTF patterns. It is, as I wrote somewhere else, much too flamboyant. Then again, that is part of Grandmaster Kang’s character. However, I’m referring to more than just the outfit.

I’m more specifically referring to the fluidity and flow, to the ample circular motions, of his pattern, which doesn’t reflect even the high level WTF patterns; see for example Ilyo, one of the highest WTF patterns.