Taekwondo WTF VS. Muay Thai (Hong Kong 2009)

This fight was squared off in the 22nd May 2009 Hong Kong. Taekwondo WTF Fighter against a Muay Thai dude in a sanshou fight.

about World Muaythai Council

The World Muaythai Council (WMC) is the sole recognized professional sport governing body for the art and spirit of Muaythai, both in Thailand and around the world and is one of the oldest and the largest professional sanctioning organizations of Muaythai in the world for the sport.

The organization was set up in 1995 by parliament resolution, and is incorporated by the Royal Thai Government and sanctioned by the Sports Authority of Thailand, under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports (Thailand). The Council has been charged with the responsibility for the expansion of Muaythai worldwide. This involves supporting youth interest and athletes to learn the skills of Muaythai and to assist in the pursuit of excellence in the art.

The Council’s primary objective is to maintain and promote excellence in the art of Muaythai. This is predominantly as a cultural art-form, in addition as a form of self-defence and a popular ring-sport. Together with the above stated aims, the WMC has the government’s directive to regulate all Muaythai competitions worldwide, this in accordance with the government-approved Articles of Association.

Royal Patronage

On August 20, 2014, Muaythai and the World Muaythai Council received official Royal Patronage from His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. All government departments, sport and culture ministries, sport authorities, and all major Muaythai stadiums and promoters were invited to the historic event. PDG.

General Saiyud Kerdphol, General Wimon Wongwanich the former President of WMC, General Chetta Thanajaro the current President of WMC, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan IFMA President and WMC General Secretary, Khun Kajorn Prowsree Vice President of the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, Stephan Fox Vice President of WMC and General Secretary of the IFMA, and so many other notable VIPs were also in attendance.

Over 20 representatives from the different embassies in Bangkok also came to witness the ceremony, along with representatives from the United Nations, and many other organizations. Along with Royal Patronage, the WMC logo was changed to include the Royal Insignia of His Majesty.


Set up by parliament resolution, the WMC is incorporated by the Royal Thai Government and sanctioned by the Sports Authority of Thailand, working together with the highest sport authorities of all member countries around the world to regulate all aspects of the art and sport of Muaythai.

The inauguration meeting was held in 1995 at an appropriate venue, the United Nation Conference Centre with representatives from 39 countries attended. Presently there are 120 member countries registered with the WMC. The Executive Board and various committees ranging from technical and rules, refereeing and judging, medical, finance, youth, women, press and public relations, business and legal; all were democratically elected.

TV Coverage

The World Muaythai Council has also been involved in many TV programs in cooperation with IOM, DreamWorks and television producer Mark Burnett. These collaborations have seen the release of shows such as the Contender Asia as well as the Emmy-nominated reality show, ‘The Challenger Muay Thai,’ in which the WMC was the sanctioning body.