Thief robs a MMA Pro Girl in garare but ends KNOCKOUT

What is MMA Pro Fighter?

MMA Pro Fighter is a sports-related social network game about a player starting a career in mixed martial arts. This game is similar to the “career” modes found in most EA Sports video games. Unlike the National Football League, MMA Pro Fighter is a more personalized experience and involves the evolution of an individual mixed martial artist.


Players can combine two out of the six possible styles: boxing, wrestling, judo, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while building up their level 1 fighter through the amateur and professional ranks. All the game elements are nearly identical to that of role-playing games. Players have to improve their health, cardio, and stamina. New martial arts moves (for all six classifications of martial arts) must be purchased with in-game currency in the shop. Ring girls are there to provide the characters with bonus gear and attributes; since this game is geared towards male gamers.

There is a restriction in fighting that prevents the skill/level gap of the two fighters from being too large; thus keeping bullying from becoming a major issue. For example, a level 43 player fighting against a level 7 character would be considered bullying and a warning message would be given out to the would-be offender before the fight is allowed to begin.

Instead of using the real-time graphics-oriented gameplay of the classic Street Fighter video game series, this game is more of a text-oriented sports game like Championship Manager.