How to Do a Tornado Kick (TUTORIAL)

360 Tornado Kick

This is the most basic version of the Tornado Kick. The body spins through 360 degrees. For this description we’ll assume that you’re right-legged, so that your left leg is forward when you’re in your kicking stance. That means you’ll be spinning to the leftward. We’ll also assume in this description that you’re doing a Roundhouse Tornado Kick.

  • Start facing forward in the Kicking Stance. Your target is straight in front of you.
  • Take a full step forward with your right leg as if going into a Walking Stance, but facing left as compared to your original starting position, and with your fists still chambered for kicking.
  • You’re going to be spinning now on your right leg, so your weight should be on the balls of your right foot (not the heel).
  • Look back over your left shoulder. Begin to lift your left knee into the air, with the left shin still pointed downward. So at this point you’re standing on just your right leg, looking back over your left shoulder.
  • While still pivoting on the right leg, crouch a bit on  your right leg as your left knee comes around to point at your target. Continue to lift the left knee, to provide additional upward momentum.
  • Jump high into the air using just your right leg.
  • At the top of your jump, as you’re once again facing your target, hit the target with a Roundhouse Kick with your right leg.
  • Your right foot should hit the target before you land on your left leg.