women’s self defense frontal choke against a wall

Brutal street technique. This could save your life.

When I see a martial arts techniques that talk about “Front Choke Defense” I mostly scream BULLLLSHIIITTT!!!

Step 1 — Slap your opponents arms with a dragonball fist
Step 2 — Strike nerve center X78C2 to temporarily blind your attacker
Step 3 — Twist their nipple into compliance.

Lets be honest — the front choke is really not an effective attack, NO ONE is just going to grab your throat and start choking you on the street. It doesn’t make sense and all you have to do is turn your head to escape.

When the front choke attacks becomes effective and has been used (seen it, done it) is when your attacker is using the front choke hold to drive you against a wall and then either choking you, striking you, or stabbing you.