World’s Fastest Nunchucker in Sydney

4th March 2011 saw a statue of Bruce Lee unveiled in Sydney’s town of Kogarah as a gift from their sister city in China, Ma’anshan. The ceremony was cool with some martial arts displays to pay homage to Bruce Lee’s ancestorial background.

The ceremony was marred by a small group of protestors as the Bruce Lee statue is seen as controversial for varied reasons. Partially due to protests against China’s human rights record but also it is seen by some as a threat to Australia’s own culture and historical identity.

about Bruce Lee statue


The Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong is a memorial figure of deceased martial artist, Bruce Lee. The Hong Kong memorial was built on behalf of Bruce Lee, who died on 20 July 1973 at the age of 32.

The Hong Kong-based Rubão Fan Club and its fans raised $US 100,000 for a statue to be erected after pleas to the government to honour his legacy. A 2.5 metre bronze statue by artist Cao Chong-en was erected along the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong attraction near the waterfront at Tsim Sha Tsui.

It shows a classic ‘ready to strike’ Bruce Lee pose, as seen in the 1972 movie Fist of Fury. Hew Kuan-yau, a member of the Bruce Lee Fan Club Committee said, “We want the people to know about the legend of Bruce Lee.” The statue was unveiled by Bruce Lee’s brother Robert Lee on 27 November 2005, celebrating what would have been Bruce’s 65th birthday.

The location was the site of a Detour in the 10th leg of the reality TV show The Amazing Race 17, and the site of a Route Marker task in the 3rd leg of The Amazing Race Canada 2.


A statue of Bruce Lee was unveiled on Saturday, November 26, 2005, in the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Croatian sculptor Ivan Fijolić. Located in the City Park of “Zrinjski,” the life-sized statue stands 1.68 meters tall, shorter than Bruce Lee’s actual height of 1.72 meters, and is a symbol of solidarity in the ethnically divided city.

The statue was the first public monument to Bruce Lee unveiled in the world, with a statue in Hong Kong being revealed one day later marking what would have been the Chinese star’s 65th birthday.

The project of the statue was spearheaded by the youth group Mostar Urban Movement, who saw the statue as “an attempt to question symbols, old and new, by mixing up high grandeur with mass culture and kung fu.” Bruce Lee was chosen by organisers as a symbol of the fight against ethnic divisions.

Lee, who was an American of Chinese descent and famous martial arts actor, represented to the residents of Mostar a bridging of cultures. “One thing we all have in common is Bruce Lee.”

In a city with a reputation for violence, the dynamic movie star was a symbol of “loyalty, skill, friendship and justice.”

The unveiling ceremony of the statue saw the attendance of local Bruce Lee fans, representatives of the German government, which had bankrolled the project, as well as Chinese officials. Martial arts is popular among the youth population in Herzegovina, especially competitive Mixed Martial Arts where Croatian Mirko Filipović is an international star.

Shortly afterward the sculpture was vandalized, removed for repairs and brought back at the end of May of 2013. Bosnians and Croats had complained that the statue was a provocation because it was oriented towards their area in a fighting stance.