Yip Man Real Training – Very RARE Document

This is the LAST YIP MAN’s whing chun training recorded by the cameras in Hong Kong before death.

about YIP MAN

Yip Man also spelled as Ip Man, and also Yip Kai-man, was a Chinese martial artist. He had several students who later became martial arts teachers in their own right, including Bruce Lee.

Initially, Yip Man’s teaching business was poor because Yip’s students typically stayed for only a couple of months. He moved his school twice: first to Castle Peak Road in Sham Shui Po and then to Lee Tat Street in Yau Ma Tei. By then, some of his students had attained proficiency in Wing Chun and they were able to start their own schools.

Some of his students and descendants sparred with other martial artists to compare their skills and their victories helped to increase Yip’s reputation. In 1967, Yip and some of his students established the Ving Tsun Athletic Association.

Yip Man was said to have regularly used opium. One of his former students, Duncan Leung, claimed that Yip used tuition money to support his opium addiction.

Yip died on 2 December 1972 in his unit at 149 Tung Choi Street in Hong Kong, from throat cancer, only 7 months before Bruce Lee.

Yip’s legacy is the global practice of Wing Chun. Some of his notable students include: Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu, Chu Shong-tin, Wong Shun Leung, Wong Kiu, Yip Bo-ching, William Cheung, Hawkins Cheung, Bruce Lee, Wong Long, Wong Chok, Law Bing, Lee Shing, Ho Kam-ming, Moy Yat, Duncan Leung, Derek Fung Ping-bor, Chris Chan Shing, Victor Kan, Stanley Chan, Chow Sze-chuen, Tam Lai, Lee Che-kong, Simon Lau, his nephew Lo Man Kam, and his sons Ip Ching and Ip Chun.

Yip also left behind a written history of Wing Chun. Many artifacts of his life are on display in the “Yip Man Tong” museum in the Foshan Ancestral Temple grounds.